The trademark law protects pending and registered trademarks, trademarks acquired through use, commercial designations as well as geographic indications of origin. Trademarks can be applied for and registered nationally (e.g. with effect only in Germany), as a community trademark (with effect within the European Community), or as international trademarks. In principle, a trademark can be maintained indefinitely.

UhrA trademark guarantees its owner the exclusive right by which he/she can prohibit third parties, not possessing prior rights, the commercial use of designation protected through the trademark.

From the original (first) trademark application, a priority right accrues to the applicant, which entitles him/her to file subsequent applications of his/her trademark in other countries or regions within a six-month period from the filing date using the early order of priority of his/her original application.

Since our office cooperates worldwide with trademark attorneys, we are capable of taking all steps required to protect your trademark nationally as well as abroad.

When filing a trademark application, the applicant must determine in which classes of goods and services they want their trademark to be protected. When filing your trademark application, we provide you with a classification of goods and services adapted to your needs. In addition, we take care of all formalities necessary for submitting the application, enforcing the registration at the Trademark Office and defending and enforcing your trademark against third parties.