Patent protection may be obtained for industrially applicable inventions, provided they are novelties and based on an innovative step. For this purpose, it is necessary to apply for a patent on invention either nationally (e.g. only in Germany), within Europe, or as an international patent with the competent patent office. We can help you with all necessary formalities such as preparing the application text, creating technical drawings, compiling application documents, filing requests and paying fees.

Starting from the day the patent application is filed, the applicant can protect his/her idea insofar that he/she can assert the prior rights towards third parties, who will possibly file an industrial property right for a similar or identical idea at a later point of time.

With the application, the applicant acquires the so-called "priority right", which enables him/her to file subsequent applications (for example abroad) within one year upon the application giving rise to a right of priority, using the early order of priority of his/her original (first) application. For this purpose, our office cooperates with patent attorney offices around the world. In this way being capable of acquiring patent protection in many different countries according to your preferences and requirements without having to hire attorneys abroad.

Merke:In any case, the inventor should not share his/her idea with others prior to the patent application is filed, neither in written nor in oral form. But if necessary, for instance, when a prototype must be produced, we urge to conclude a non-disclosure agreement in advance. We would be pleased to assist you in this circumstance.

In addition, we are a reliable partner and will continue this relationship of trust after your invention has been granted.

Among other services, we are focused on maintaining your patent, providing advice regarding both the rules of employee invention law and licensing problems. Furthermore, we assist you in defending and enforcing your patent in opposition, patent infringement and patent revocation proceedings.